Facts About Your Network and How To Protect Your Users

Some interesting factoids about you network, how secure it is and the number and extent to which your end users are exposed to real threats to the security of their desktops every day. In addition, a couple of suggestions on how to avoid the security threats.

In 2010, 60% of top search terms, from most of the major search engines,  delivered users to malicious sites in the first 100 results. This was of course not dine intentionally. Just as these sites are good at getting a good rank they are also adept at injecting a virus into your desktop through your browser or email app.


More than 20,000,000 unique pieces of malware were identified in 2010 – millions more went undiscovered and you can bet at least some of them were downloaded and installed or executed by users on your network.

60,000+ new variants a day by most estimates…34% of all malware ever created was created in 2010. How many more do you suppose will be created in 2011. Couple this with the fact that 78% of all email composed and sent is delivered as SPAM.

The bad news is that your users are the weakest security link on your network and the most desired target of malware.

The good news is that you can adopt virtualization techniques to take security decisions out of the hands of the user, make their mistakes irrelevant to your overall security footing and give them free
reign over the Internet to support their business objectives.

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