Most Popular Open Source Project Management Tools

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Open Source projects and tools now exist across nearly all industries and functional areas of computing. They are largely supported by armies of engineers and programmers donating their time. Some of the better tools also have corporate sponsors. Today we look at some of the more popular Open Source Project Management Tools.

The following is not a complete list, but each tool listed here has been selected based on its rich feature set and popularity.


The tools packages support for task management, resource allocation, tracking, Gantt charts, and other standard PM features that you will find in a commercial software product such as Microsoft Project.


In December 2013, ProjectLibre released version 1.5.8 which included a full rewrite of the codebase including an Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGI) enabling a modular architecture. This feature allows connector modules for better integration with enterprise solutions such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications.

ProjectLibre is a Java based client tool and released version 2.0 in 2014 with plans for a cloud based SaaS version at some point in the future.


ProjectLibre was awarded InfoWorld's "Best of Open Source" in 2013.


LibrePlan is a web based PM application, making project management available to the project manager as well as an entire project team which can span departments in addition to organizations.


LibrePlan is licensed under the AGPL. This is another full featured tool supporting resource allocation, Gantt charts, financials, and more. These features coupled with a web based application make LibrePlan a great collaboration platform.


OpenProject is released under the GNU General Public License and was built with the Ruby on Rails framework. OpenProject supports Accessibility and a Scrum plugin supporting Agile methods and Scrum teams.

According to an interview with Frank Bergmann, founder of Project Open, "We're not dealing with individual project managers, but focus on organizations with 10 - 1,000 users that earn their money by executing projects."


OpenProject is said to be used by over 6,000 companies worldwide. A full installation is based on over 100 open source packages including a Linux distro, Postgre SQL, TCL as it’s main language, Perl for system integration, and many more. It supports integration with 30+ packages such as OpenLDAP, OpenOffice, ProjectLibre, and others.



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