Executive Workweek With Mobility Approaches 72 Hours

In a recent Harvard Business Review survey of 483 executives, managers, and professionals (EMPs), it was found that many professionals are working 72 hours a week.   
Here are a few key highlights from the research:
1. 60% of those who carry smartphones for work are connected to their jobs 13.5 or more hours a day on weekdays and about five hours on weekends, for a total of about 72 hours.  
2. This means on average they spend 62% of their waking hours every week connected to work (82% on weekdays). 
3. EMPs are not bothered by the connectedness, however they are bothered when companies use 24-7 connectedness to compensate for organizational inefficiencies and when it significantly undermines their personal lives, productivity, creativity, and ability to think strategically. 
4. 75% - 96% complain about useless meetings and emails, inadequate technology, disorganized or incompetent C-suites, and unclear decision-making authority. 
How much time as an IT professional do you spend weekly on corporate matters? I bet you it is more than the 72 hour average. IT jobs tend to require more time than non IT jobs in my experience.

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