The Stats: Small Project Teams and Emotional Connections

Are smaller teams or larger teams more efficient? A study of the correlation of team size and both its speed of task completion and estimating that completion time found some interesting results. 

Two-person teams took an average of 36 minutes to assemble 50 Lego pieces into a human figure.

Four-person teams took an average of 52 minutes to assemble the Lego pieces.

Members of larger teams consistently underestimate completion time by a larger margin than smaller teams.

Forecasting errors grow larger as teams get bigger.

Researchers conclude that increasing a team's size can hamper coordination, diminish members' motivation, and increase conflict.        

This research was conducted by the University of North Carolina, B. R. Staats, Wharton/K. L. Milkman, and UCLA/Craig R. Fox.


According to Rbb Public Relations and Marketing Charts, in a recently released survey, 85% of consumers say it is important or very important to them to do business with a company for which they have strong emotions. That connection is more important in some industries than others, and appears to matter more in industries where products are more complex and less of a commoditized nature.


Importance of Emotional Customer Connections by Industry:

Healthcare - 76%

Banking - 63%

Professional services - 62%

Travel - 56%

Insurance - 55%

Auto - 52%

Tech - 44%

Food - 44%

Beauty - 19%

Apparel - 18% 




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