New OpenStack Release Focuses on Big Data


The latest version of the open source platform OpenStack is now available.
The latest version, Juno, addresses more than 3,000 bug fixes, upgrades to the way it handles big data applications, and network Relevant Products/Services function virtualization Relevant Products/Services (NFV).


OpenStack has grown into a cloud based operating system that controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter, all managed through a dashboard that gives administrators control while empowering their users to provision resources through a web interface.


Additionally, new enterprise Relevant Products/Services features include storage Relevant Products/Services policies and a new data processing service that provisions Hadoop and Spark. According to OpenStack, Juno will include 342 new features. More than 100 companies contributed to Juno, which builds on OpenStack’s previous Icehouse codebase.


Hadoop and Spark Integrations


“The Juno release continues a trend in which the project’s bi-annual releases have focused on stability, operational improvements and performance, reflecting the growing number of users who are running OpenStack in production,” said in an e-mail announcing the latest version.


Enterprise users will bemefit from the addition of a data processing service, known as Sahara, to deploy Hadoop and Spark.


Hadoop is an open-source framework for storage and processing of big data sets, while Spark is a data analytics Relevant Products/Services framework for cluster computing that works with Hadoop. Both are projects of the non-profit Apache Software Foundation. All services are available through open APIs and a Web-based dashboard.


OpenStack’s next release is scheduled for April 30, 2015. That version, codename Kilo, will include new capabilities such as a fully integrated bare metal provisioning service (codename Ironic), which is currently available for users via a compute driver. OpenStack said it is also working on the development of a shared file system, queue service, DNS Relevant Products/Services service and key management tool.

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