IT Pros Seek Increased Operational Visibility


A new report outlines the continuing difficulties IT professionals have in managing their data operations.

The report, known as Evolven’s 2013 IT Operations Quotient Report demonstrates that IT operations are overwhelmed by the volume, velocity, and continuous operations changes including configuration data. 

Most systems administrators and IT operations staff lack insight or actionable information, making change and configuration problems a chronic challenge for their IT departments.

The IT operations report was derived from surveys with 300 IT vice presidents, directors, managers and data center managers who attended the Gartner Data Center Conference in December, 2012 or the ServiceNow Knowledge13 conference in May, 2013.

The report clearly shows how IT operations performance when viewed in the context of continous changes, shows a startling lack of visibility into the IT environment. In fact, 84 percent of IT professionals said they want to significantly improve their IT operations management.

Only eight percent of the survey respondents said they can automatically validate that their release had deployed accurately.

Running a data center with all of the moving operational parts has never been a simple undertaking. CIOs have a long history of struggle with running IT operations in a 24 x 7 global environment. Will it ever get easier? The Cloud is suppose to help, but I sometime wonder.




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