IBM and Twitter Partner on Big Data


IBM and Twitter recently announced a data analytics partnership which enables IBM to incorporate Twitter's data into its products for businesses. The partnership will enable Watson and other related BI tools to "learn" (artificially) more of what’s going on in today’s world.


According to IBM, there are three basic elements to the partnership. First, IBM will integrate Twitter data with their cloud analytics tool to make it easy for customers to reach it. The second is a new initiave to develop solutions for very specific business needs, such as marketing and customer care. Lastly, IBM will train and certify 10,000 consultants on a global basis to be experts of the Twitter platform.


According to Twitter, they maintain relationships through their feeds with many executives on a global basis. These executives continually ask how they can be more innovative with their products and services. Twitter can provide these organizations with data but the volumes are very large and not too useful in a raw state.


So in comes IBM to build value on top of the raw data it by using Watson and their BI and Big Data tools to combine it with other data sources. Twitter feeds may be viewed as an important archive of human thought. It really does represent the voice of the planet. So Twitter data and all that fodder for sentiment analysis, will stream in realtime into various IBM services.

The Twitter deal is the latest in a series of moves to bring IBM, once the king
of enterprise IT, more into the 21st century where data flows in not just from relational databases but from many devices and social media streams.


In July it signed a deal with Apple to permit IBM to develop iOS versions of its enterprise software and support iPhones and iPads in enterprise accounts.


IBM has reversed postition under their new management and is now fully aboard the consumerization-of-IT trend and plans to continue their investments in BI, Cloud, Security, Mobile, and Watson. Lets hope they can get back on track.



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