Employees Typically Lax with Email Security Policies


A new study based on a survey from DataMotion demonstrates significant security risk occurring in the enterprise from an alarming source - employees. The survey depicts 20 percent of employees routinely violating their company's compliance and security policies simply to get their jobs done.


According to the survey which focused on corporate email and data transfer habits, many organizations have put security and client compliance policies in place (90% of total respondents) but 33% of them reported that their employees don't fully understand those policies.


The study polled 780 IT and business decision makers in the US and Canada. The focus of the survey was on those who typically work with sensitive data and compliance regulations in health care, financial services, education, government and other industries. According to Bob Janacek, CTO at DataMotion,  "The data show a gaping hole in security when it comes to mobile devices–with many companies permitting their use but not taking into account their lack of email encryption capabilities."

Here are some key highlights from the DataMotion Survey:


1. Approximately 44% of respondents admit that their policies are only moderately enforced while 75% report that employees violate policies at least occasionally.


2. 30% of respondents cannot encrypt email, a finding similar to last year's 28%. Furthermore, 33% of respondents are not confident in their company's email encryption policy.


3. 86% of respondents said their organization permits employees to use mobile devices for email, but of those who can encrypt email and allow email use on mobile, 36% cannot directly send and receive encrypted email from their mobile email client.


4. 66% of respondents said their organization is training employees to improve compliance and security policy adherence.


5. 43% said their companies use technology to monitor and report security risks. 50% said they are communicating more about their policies.



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