Eliminating Sensitive Paper Trails

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C-Suite executives and especially CIOs across all industries are always looking over their shoulders when it comes to battling security issues within their organizations. Educating CIOs on reducing or eliminating sensitive paper trails within their organization is a worthwhile cost cutting and security enhancing proposition. Knowing when to shred paper documents is nearly as important as knowing which paper trails to eliminate.


As the volumes of corporate data continue to grow, the challenges in properly securing that data grow in unison. According to a recent IBM report, the exponential growth of data increases the pressure on scarce and competing IT resources. The typical enterprise experiences 42 percent annual increase in data volume. Very few CIOs have reliable procedures or practices for disposing of older data so that new information accumulates on top of generations of stale data.


As electronic data along with printed paper trail volumes continues to grow, there are more opportunities for disposal related data breaches to occur. The possibility of a data breach should always be at the top of the list of CIO concerns.


Before you can eliminate those sensitive paper trails you need to determine which types of documents can be legally shredded. One possible way to accomplish this is through classification of your organizations documents. Attempt to separate documents into three different categories:


1. Original documents that your organization is required to keep for some legal reason.


2. Documents you wish to retain for some reason but are not legally required to retain.


3. Paper that seems to serve no real purpose to the organization and holds no perceived value. Your organization can definitely live without this paper.


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