DevOps Adoption Growth Continues


The drive behind implementing DevOps has continually shifted from an initial desire to unite disparate cultures within a company to improve short-term project delivery and processes, and now toward a focus on improving customer satisfaction with a long-term positive impact on the overall business.


DevOps, a derivative term from the traditional Developer and Operations roles in IT has been informally growing in adoption across many organizations seeking ways to grow their business through increasing overall customer satisfation.


According to Rackspace CTO Chris Jackson, "the guiding principle in DevOps is to help a bussiness see the end-to-end process path in terms of increasing the delivery of value to customers through technology. Potentially this enables a business to identify areas of waste and inefficiency to decrease delivery time."


The growth in DevOps is driven by disruption based in Internet Commerce and collaboration technologies, open source software, and cloud computing.

A new report commissioned by Rckspace and Vanson Bourne demonstrates how close the real adoption and implementation of DevOps mirrors the definition and theory.


Here are a few highlights from the report:


1. Customer satisfaction was highlighted by 61% of respondents as a key driver for DevOps adoption.


2. Adoption rates in different parts of the world is markedly different and could reflect cultural differences between how businessess operate.


3. Operation is the heartland of real DevOps adoption.


For the full report please visit here.

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