Are Your IT Workers Engaged?


In a recent Ranstat Engagement study, U.S. workers were asked which two ways they believe are the most effective in keeping employees engaged. The following emerged as the top five.


In brackets following each remark by employees is the percentage of employers who actually provided these top incentives as a means to keeping their employees engaged.

28% of workers felt that offering promotions or bonuses to high performing employees was effective in keeping employees engaged (23% of employers provided this incentive).


27% of workers felt being flexible or accommodating in terms of hours or working arrangements was effective (37% of employers).


24% of workers felt providing a comfortable and stimulating work environment was effective (32% of employers).


22% of workers felt encouraging employees to share their ideas and opinions was effective (39% of employers).


21% of workers felt investing in its employees' careers through training, professional development, or continuing education was effective (33% of employers).


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