Top Cloud Security Concerns for IT Leaders


The primary cloud security concerns for IT leaders are misuse of employee credentials and improper access to control. Surprisingly, malware and hacking were not at the top of the list according to a new report.


The most effective mechanism to secure the cloud is to set and enforce consistent client security policies by encrypting data, according to the new report conducted by Bitglass. Their "Cloud Security Spotlight Report" is based on a survey of 1,010 professionals from a broad range of industries, company sizes, departments and career levels.


"The report confirms that the cloud is increasingly part of enterprises' IT plans, with some 72% of organizations saying that they are either planning to implement or are actively implementing cloud environments," said Nat Kausik,Bitglass CEO. "At the same time, organizations are concluding that SaaS applications are less secure, slowing widespread adoption of these technologies.


Key Highlights from the Report:


1. Approximately 90% of respondents are very or moderately concerned about public cloud security, which is delaying
adoption of cloud computing. 47% of respondents were very concerned, 43% were moderately concerned, and 10% were either not at all concerned, or not sure.


2. The top five cloud security concerns are:, General security concerns: 45%, Data loss and leakage risks: 41%, Loss of
control: 31%, Legal and regulatory compliance: 29%, Integration with existing IT environments: 29%


3. The top five public cloud security threats are:, Unauthorized access: 63%, Hijacking of accounts, services or traffic: 61%, Malicious insiders: 43%, Insecure interfaces/APIs: 41%, Denial of service attacks: 39%


4. About 80% of respondents are concerned about employees or visitors operating personal cloud storage services and the risk that poses regarding data privacy leakage. 43% of respondents said employees have access to personal storage services from their corporate network.


5. According to respondents, the top key factors for client security are:, Consistent security with other IT infrastructure: 60%, Continuous protection: 58%, Affordability: 26%


6. The top five preferred ways to improve cloud security are:, Setting and enforcing security policies across the cloud: 50%, APIs for reporting auditing and alerting on security events: 45%, Effective mapping of security controls for internally hosted applications to the cloud infrastructure: 41%, Isolation/protection of virtual machines: 39%, Ability to compare security levels across cloud providers: 38%


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