35 Percent of IT Services Today Delivered By Cloud


New research produced from a recent CDW Cloud Survey shows that 76% of organizations report at least one cloud vendor failed to meet their stated SLAs.


The report named reliability (43 percent) as the most important metric for cloud service providers, well ahead of cost (28 percent) and ability to integrate with existing infrastructure (27 percent).


It is all about uptime, availability, and scalability.


Cloud vendors typically suffer service interruptions for various reasons including operator or systems admin errors, data center power outages due to inclement weather, security breaches, as well as just poor capacity planning during peak operating hours.

In fact, nearly all cloud service providers have had multiple service disruptions according to benchmarking provider CloudHarmony.


CDW also found a discord from respondents between the hype cloud promises and the reality it delivers. When asked if greater flexibility in IT was a reality, 19% agreed and 7% disagreed. For ease of use, 16% agreed and 7% disagreed, while it was equal for cost savings (17% agree, 17% disagree) and a majority disagreed regarding security (11% agree, 21% disagree).


Most interestingly, the research found 35% of IT services today are delivered totally or partially by cloud. Additionlly, looking forward, organizations are considering delivering 35% of entirely new IT services via the cloud.


Barriers to higher adoption rates according to survey respondents are security (47%), trust in solutions (31%), budget (24%) and management support (19%).



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