Strong IT Job Growth Forecast for 2014

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Many companies plan to hire more IT staff in 2014 which is great news for IT workers at all levels. For the first time in several years companies also anticipate paying larger salaries to recruit the needed talent.


According to a report, approximately 55% of employers say they're ready to hire large numbers of IT workers. This is an increase, up from 42% in the second half of 2013.


In fact, many hiring situations are changing since companies increasingly need to offer higher salaries than in the past, both to hold onto current tech employees and to attract new ones.


In the last year or two, the tech job market did not look like this as we previously reported here

For many employers the projections show that it will become more difficult to fill open and widely in demand technology positions as the competition for specific skills increases.


The IT skill most in demand today continues to be in Software development. Listings for IT jobs as software developers are up 120% over last year. Application development in web, mobile, or back-end systems support working on LAMP stacks and popular frameworks are seeing the most action.


Mobile apps are another hot area. There is also a huge demand for people who can help companies move to the cloud as well as SAP and other large-scale ERP systems pros.


For job seekers, the four technologies most often mentioned in recent help-wanted ads on are Javascript-based frameworks like KnockoutJS and AngularJS; Jenkins, an open-source integration tool; Elastic Path, an e-commerce platform gaining in popularity with employers; and HL7, a framework for the exchange, sharing, and retrieval of health information.


If you do not have any of these skills you may wish to refer to a recent post we scripted on maintaining and learning new IT skills.



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