IBM Study: Building Leadership Talent Remains a Challenge

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A recent study by IBM asked respondents what they felt were the most significant capability-building challenges that face their organization today. Here are the key hihglights from the study:


74%, building leadership talent
38%, fostering a culture that supports learning and development
35%, rotating leadership talent across business units/geographies
31%, passing on knowledge from older to younger employees
27%, forecasting skills needed in the near future
25%, cross-training individuals needed in other parts of the organization
21%, rapidly getting new employees up to speed
15%, developing basic skills across the employee base
13%, measuring the effectiveness of learning and development activities

According to Harvard Business Review, the distracted worker is nothing new. A recent survey has found that being distracted during conference calls is wide spread. Here is a summary of how many of the survey respondents spent their time:


60% of respondents admitted to doing other work or sending an email, while on a conference call
50% of respondents were eating
50% were in the bathroom
20% were shopping
9% were exercising
6% were actually taking another call


According to HBR, the widespread use of meetings has led to people confusing activity with productivity. In three different studies, managers responded that "between 25 and 50% of their time in meetings was wasted. An even greater review of the literature found that although meetings may be critical to workflow, they were repeatedly often labeled as "net drains to productivity."


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